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Give Raz the Gift of Mobility
Give Raz the Gift of Mobility

Give Raz the Gift of Mobility

Please help Raz to purchase a new wheelchair which adjusted to his needs

רז רוטמן

$ 46,182 raised by 1,144 users
89% of $ 51,656 סוג הגיוס


15 years ago, when I was 8-years-old, a truck driver drove through a red light and my life was changed forever.  The accident took the life of my older sister Eden and left me paralyzed over almost my entire body.  The doctors thought I would not live but I was determined to prove them wrong.  15-years-later, I am still alive and look forward to fulfilling a dream of mine that I have had for so many years, to start tour guiding school on wheelchair accessible paths all around Israel.


Since the accident, I have been bound to a wheelchair and I depend on a respirator.  Though despite my challenges and hardships, I try to never give up hope.  I believe that I am a trailblazer for others like me, who may be limited in their mobility but not limited in their passions and dreams. 


Over the years, I have volunteered for various causes, including an organisation that promotes road safety and projects for children with special needs.


One of my hobbies is hiking.  Before my injury, I would hike in the forests near my home.  After my injury, I continued to explore nature in my wheelchair.  I was recently accepted into tour guiding school and cannot wait to be a guide on wheelchair accessible trails all around Israel!


However, I will not be able to pursue my dreams and even continue with my daily activities, if I do not upgrade my current wheelchair, which I have had for ten years and which can no longer support me and my needs.


The cost of a new wheelchair is over 170000 ($50,000) NIS and unfortunately, the government will not provide the funding for this necessary piece of equipment in my life.  Without this wheelchair, I will be robbed of the basic quality of life that every human being deserves. So please help me with the gift of mobility!

!Thank you

Raz Rutman.