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 Emergency campaign to distribute blankets, radiators and warm clothing to Holocaust survivors and senior citizens in need  馃槹
 Emergency campaign to distribute blankets, radiators and warm clothing to Holocaust survivors and senior citizens in need  馃槹

Emergency campaign to distribute blankets, radiators and warm clothing to Holocaust survivors and senior citizens in need 馃槹

Dont let them freeze! in the winter of 2023/24 there are thousands of Holocaust survivors and elderly citizens are shivering! Help us keep them warm! Each winter kit includes: radiator + duvet + hat, scarf, a pair of gloves and a warm clothing package!

讗专讙讜谉 讞住讚讬 谞注诪讬

$ 70,277 raised by 1,066 users
25 Days left


Do you know a senior citizen or Holocaust survivor who needs help staying warm?
Contact us right now!
Chasdei Naomi's hotline operates 24 hours a day: +972-

 A Holocaust Survivor "We are afraid to turn on the heat in winter"


Israeli Channel 13 on the emergency center of 'Chasdei Naomi' distribution of heating kits for the elderly and Holocaust survivors

 Watch a video of a sick and amputated elderly man living in extreme cold and poverty  in Jerusalem 

Without heating in winter!! harsh testimonies of Holocaust survivors at the Israeli channel 12


The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation Kan11, in a winter packaging campaign with Chasdei Naomi 



A reminder: last winter, thanks to you, we distributed 5,000 winter packages to Holocaust survivors and seniors. Scroll down to view pictures, a video, and thank-you letters from municipalities and social service departments. Only with your help can we meet this winter's goal!!!!
Chasdei Naomi volunteers loading winter packages for Holocaust survivors and senior citizens


"Winter packages" now on their way to seniors and Holocaust survivors

Chasdei Naomi volunteers packing winter packages for seniors and Holocaust survivors
Emergency mobilization to distribute heaters and down comforters to Holocaust survivors and needy seniors 

It's cold out and many seniors, some of them Holocaust survivors, are shivering!

A donation of just 180 shekels can help them stay warm with safe heaters (radiators).

A donation of 250 shekels enables us to provide a full winter package, including a safe heater (radiator), down comforter, scarf and gloves. 
Last winter we launched a project for Holocaust survivors. Within a short period of time we were inundated with queries from all over the country, seeking help for hundreds of senior citizens and Holocaust survivors without the means to keep warm.


This winter, our first goal is to reach 5,000 seniors waiting for us to help them keep warm! Please enter and donate now! Together we can reach our goal of 5,000 winter packages! 

Donations can be made in installments (not credit payments). Donations are tax deductible in accordance with Section 46 of the Israeli law.

For more information about this campaign and about Chasdei Naomi, visit our website:

Regular updates and pictures documenting our activity can be viewed on the  Chasdei Naomi Facebook page -

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About Us
Chasdei Naomi has been assisting thousands of needy families, orphans and widows 
and Holocaust survivors and lone soldiers for 36 years, with the help of 20,000 
volunteers from all over the country, operating in 40 distribution points.

The association has received many certificates and awards, including: The President's 
volunteer Award from the late President of Israel, Shimon Peres, the Jerusalem 40th 
award, the Minister of Health's shield, as well as letters of support and greetings from 
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and  from the current president, Additional 
letters of support from the Chief Rabbis of Israel and other public figures.

More about the association's activities can be found on our website.

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