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Saving Shalev
Saving Shalev

Saving Shalev

The doctors said he wouldn’t reach his first birthday. Today he is 6 years old. There is a drug that can save his life, but the price is around NIS 350,000 per injection; Shalev needs six such injections every year. His parents, who only want Shalev to be able to play like other children his age, are asking for your help in financing this treatment.

$ 105,648 raised by 3,055 users
99% of $ 106,351 סוג הגיוס
Project Finished


Hello.  My name is Sivan and I am the mother of Shalev Boukovza, an amazing 6 year-boy who has SMA (spinal muscular atrophy), a very serious degenerative disease.

Shalev cannot walk and gets around using an old motorized wheelchair with a breathing machine.

He cannot sit unassisted, he does not walk, turn over or wash himself.  Shalev needs constant care and supervision 24 hours a day.

Up to now Shalev has been hospitalized numerous times with pneumonia, and his respiratory condition is poor.

Half a year ago a new drug, Spiranza, was introduced; it is approved by the FDA in the United States but has not been approved in Israel.

This drug costs NIS 350,000 for a single injection!

With the help of some good people we were able to get one injection! 
But we are unable to begin the treatment since Shalev requires SIX injections!

We, as Shalev’s family who are fighting for his life, ask you for your assistance, to help us save our son.

We would be extremely grateful for your donation.  Please choose the amount you wish to donate, or click on any sum you wish.

Thank you very much, with wishes for your good health.