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For the first time in Israel: an emergency fund for rescuing and supporting battered women
For the first time in Israel: an emergency fund for rescuing and supporting battered women

For the first time in Israel: an emergency fund for rescuing and supporting battered women

R. A high-tech worker was beaten by her husband until she became disabled. She is currently unemployed and begging for food for her children. For more evidence, visit the campaign ๐Ÿ‘‡

Chasdei Naomi

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I invite you to watch the exciting video that shows my encounter with N. A woman whose partner assured her she would be in a wheelchair. "He promised me I would be disabled" she told me "promised - and exists".

"All I wanted was love" she told me. Today it is. Tomorrow God forbid it could be you or your daughter.

you are welcome !!! It is important that you donate. Any donation will help these brave women!

Watch the hard testimony of a woman who became disabled following her husband’s violence! 

From News 13 - Watch the article where I'm Jackie, met her

also, meet Michal another victim of violince

This is a shocking reality! In which the battered woman tries to maintain the innocence of her children when the severe violence occurs in front of them!

R. is currently unemployed and has no means to feed her children!

As r. There are lots of other battered women begging for food for their children!

Help us! Save and preserve the battered women and their children who will eat and also be strengthened and thus maintain mental and physical health! 




For each donation you will automatically receive a receipt by email. For inquiries, you can send an email: [email protected]
More about the "Chasdei Naomi" activity can be found on the association's website and Facebook.

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You can donate by credit card or via PayPal - for each donation you will be sent a receipt recognized for Israeli tax purposes according to section 46.
The receipt is automatically sent to the email. If you have not received a receipt, it is recommended that you try to check the spam box as well.
For any questions or suggestions, you can contact us by email: [email protected]
And at the national hotline for a free call: 03-6777777


About Chasdei Naomi
For the past 37 years, the Chasdei Naomi organization has been assisting thousands of needy families, orphans and widows and Holocaust survivors, through 20,000 volunteers from all walks of life operating in 40 distribution points throughout the country.
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A mass recruitment campaign was held on the GIUSIM website for the "Chasdei Naomi" organization
For any questions or inquiries, please contact the association directly.