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Support the film THE 1 FIELD
Support the film THE 1 FIELD

Support the film THE 1 FIELD

On Nov. 9, 2017 Jews, Palestinians, Arabs from across the Middle East and thousands of people from all over the planet joined together in a rare event, this is just one scene in this film.

Tsipi Raz

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The 9 November historic event, attended by at least 9,000 people, is just one example of the ever-present possibility of breaking the walls of hatred.
Help us to enable the enormous potential of the film THE 1 FIELD  to bring to the screen the story of the peace between science and spirit,

As well as the possible peace between the nations.

If you want to be part of this historic evening you can watch the entire evening now and download the edited film of the live broadcast for just 5 US dollars.

For the first time in over a century of bloody war, tens of thousands of Israelis joined together with tens of thousands of Palestinians and Arabs from across the Middle East for a joint experience – a rare event – a meditation and prayer for peace between the two peoples.

At this one-time, first-of-its-kind event, the global meditation for peace broadcasted to thousands of viewers in Israel, Arab countries and to the world wide. After the meditation, the participants from Israel, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and more - shared their incredible love for each other.

It was a real celebration of one heart, of music and words that melted every wall.

This unbelievable happening that was broadcast live to thousands of people began at exactly 8:35:38 pm Israel time. Arabs and Jews, Israelis and Palestinians and tens of thousands more around the world, for the first time in such scope, focused their consciousness together and at the same time for 10 minutes on the same purpose: reducing the level of violence in old city of Jerusalem.

The meditation was actually a scientific experiment led by Lynne McTaggart from the United Kingdom, who has been conducting research for many years on the subject of how consciousness affects reality.  Lynne has 20 years of experience conducting experiments that show the effect of collective consciousness on reality, from changing the rhythm of the growth of plants to decreasing the level of violence in different places in the world.   

This time, too, the question was raised: Will our collective consciousness be able to create a unified field of energy that can be measured?

The meditation was controlled and monitored by the global consciousness project and under the supervision of Professor Konstantin Korotkov, who has about 1000 different technique instruments scattered around the world. The first results show an unquestionable impact on the energy field measured in the old city of Jerusalem and even on the drinking water in India. The analysis of the results will take several weeks.

The event in Jerusalem - one should say an historical event -was documented with 5 cameras and was broadcast live in the evening itself. After the event, the raw material was edited and became a 2:22-hour film and it is offered here (on the right) in a digital file format.

By purchasing this you will also be part of a rare moment of love between those considered enemies until then, and also help us finance the huge expenses of creating this evening.

Even when we realized that no public office would sponsor this important event we did not hesitate and decided to hold it at any price.

After the meditation and declarations of love that floated in the air between Abu Dhabi - Amman - Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Jerusalem the event continued with the host of  Fraidy Margalit, whose vision is to spread the “heaven is here” message to every human being!  Shadi Abelsi translated into Arabic and brought the story of an Israeli Arab in a Jewish society, Anders Holte & Cacina Meadu came to us directly from Munich to sing "There Is Only Love". White Feather & Uri accompany the event with their ensemble with sounds, healing frequencies, and mantras in Hebrew. Nitzan Sheyer – sang Halleluiah',  Judy Kella - sang  "Shalom Aleichem" and Ayelet Oz and Mira Ilavoni sang in Hebrew and Arabic a common song, Sigal Ziv  danced and Ronit Shefi - brought other rhythms with the song "TIME IS NOW".

Imad Telhami (General Director and founder of Babcom Centers) spoke about the principles that he follows in business to support and encourage societal ethics: compassion, love and giving unconditionally. Dr. Noga Gazit (Founder of the College of Biorgonomy) spoke about inner peace leading to global peace. Uriela Paz Maurin (Founder of the Omega method) has undergone a rapid meditative process. Lillian Weisberger, a Member of Women Wage Peace Steering Committee spoke about the March of Hope and The Journey to Peace, two projects in which over 60,000 people took part. Dr. Rehab Abed Elhalimm the founder of the Alroa Education Center which implements integration of special education and general education, as well as cultures and religions.Dr. Rehab Spoke of the call for peace in the village of peace in the tent of Hagar and Sarah. Sheikh Muhammad al-Rifai and Hadassah Furman demonstrated the love to the one God, whether it is the Jews or the Muslims God.

The experiment and the event in Jerusalem are the highlight part of a film whose photographs began three years ago and deals with the peace between science and consciousness -

Most of the film documents scientific experiments that examine spiritual ideas - and its purpose is to express the power of the human spirit - the human consciousness - to break the boundaries of the familiar. Just as we heard throughout the conference in Jerusalem.

Interviews with Greg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Lee Carroll, Lynne McTaggart, Professor Korotkov and others together with recorded experiments examining: Can a tumor be reduced only by consciousness? Is it possible to send a healing intention from India to Israel and to measure it?

The film is still producing and we assume that in the middle of 2018 it will come up to screens and worldwide distribution.

Projects of this scale require significant financial resources and despite the volunteer work of those who conduct the project, we still desperately need a financial contribution to enable the project to reach its maximum potential.  You are invited to join and contribute generously for the success of the project. 

We want to stresses that the request for support relates only to the event in Jerusalem. Mrs. Lynne McTaggart, has been leading experiments dealing with collective awareness for many years, and have offered them to the public always for free. Hence, Mrs. McTaggart holds no part whatsoever to the request for this support. 

Take part and join us! 

Help us to realize the enormous potential of this project in all its aspects: financing the expenses of the conference in Jerusalem, continuing filming the film, completing the editing and distributing it worldwide.

We believe in the power of art - especially the seventh art - cinema and media - to bring about change by spreading knowledge about the power of human consciousness to create a good world, beyond the limitations of genes, and the habits of a long history.

Tsipi Raz - Producer, director and editor of the film "THE 1 FIELD"

Eli Singer - producer and photographer of the film "THE 1 FIELD"



Watch the trailer to the film “The 1 Field” which we are still producing.

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