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Your donation can prevent the next severe rape and violence!
Your donation can prevent the next severe rape and violence!

Your donation can prevent the next severe rape and violence!

40 girls at risk have no home to return to during the months of summer vacation July and August.Their return home puts them at very high risk in the face of a ruined or violent family which can end in disaster God forbid!Please help us protect and preserve them during these two monthsEvery donation is important and very helpful!

Lev Naomi

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In most homes in Israel these days the children are cheering for the summer vacation. Some plan where they will go out or spend time outside the home and some will enjoy their time at home with the immediate family. 
Unfortunately, not all children are waiting for summer vacation ... Girls at risk are not allowed to return home! The house is the most dangerous place for them. Sometimes even more than street life!

Lev Naomi has been accompanying a boarding school in the center of the country for girls at risk for years, who were evicted from their homes by a court order due to violence, rape and other horrific cases.

The summer months, July and August, are not budgeted and these girls cannot be left in the boarding school. That is, if the sufficient amount of money is not raised, these girls will be forced to return home - to their personal hell for two extremely dangerous months!

Help us save and protect the precious girls who will go through the summer vacation in peace and restore health and mental and physical integrity.

Want to help more? Share the link of GIUSIM website so others could help as well. 

For each donation you will automatically receive a receipt by email. For inquiries, you can send an email: [email protected] More about Lev Naomi's activities can be found on the association's website and Facebook.

Behind the special venture: Lev Naomi, which operates on a full-time basis and is not a recipient of a salary! Everyone is a volunteer only!

Thanks to the Community Recruitment website for not taking any crowdfunding fees. Donations to the crowdfunding project will be transferred directly to the girls' boarding school.