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Assisting Reuven’s Rehabilitation
Assisting Reuven’s Rehabilitation

Assisting Reuven’s Rehabilitation

Reuven is a beloved husband, father, grandfather, uncle and friend. He has spent much of his life helping everyone around him, renovating homes for those in need, including Holocaust survivors. Unfortunately, he is now in a position where he needs help himself!

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During the past year, Reuven’s health has been dramatically declining due to complications from a medical condition. This has prevented him from working and providing for his family, as he has done nearly all his life.

A man, who has always been the one to help those in need through renovating homes and more, now finds himself in need of help!

His wife, who is also disabled, is heartbroken and cannot accompany him for every treatment that he is in dire need of. This in it of itself has caused grave concern for Reuven’s recovery.

Presently, Reuven is being medically sustained and supported by a ventilator, which is helping him stay alive and fighting for his life. There is hope, according to medical professionals, and the next step requires aggressive treatment in the form of rehabilitation.

There is hope however, a therapeutic treatment to rehabilitate Reuven’s condition through something called the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers. To make this available for him, Reuven and his family are desperately seeking support from his family, friends and kind strangers who are able to donate and share.

Today, we humbly we ask for the help of the almighty, and all of you, to assist with reinstating his good health and ensuring a speedy recovery.

Thank you all so kindly, and may you all be safe and blessed in your time of need and always!

Please donate if you can and share on your social media to help us get our Father back home, safely.