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Emergency Operation for Needy Families, Holocaust Survivors and Needy Elderly.
Emergency Operation for Needy Families, Holocaust Survivors and Needy Elderly.

Emergency Operation for Needy Families, Holocaust Survivors and Needy Elderly.

More than 20,000 requests for support and assistance have come during the coronavirus pandemic to Chasdei Naomi's office for food assistance! Now, more than ever, we need your support for those in need.

ארגון חסדי נעמי

$ 38,332 raised by 566 users
70% of $ 54,695 סוג הגיוס
29 Days left


WINTER 2021- Third wave of coronavirus in Israel, many people have still not recovered from the second wave not to mention the first wave !  Chasdei Naomi has seen a 30% increase in requests for food.

In the current emergency operation, we ask for your support for helping with food baskets for needy families, the elderly and Holocaust survivors, as they find themselves in a state of economic collapse.

No one can collapse!

 Chasdei Naomi, the great welfare organization in Israel is launching a new campaign for urgent assistance to needy families, orphans and widows, Holocaust survivors and the elderly who will receive food baskets immediately. The emergency operation also seeks to build a security backup network for the many families who call us daily in fear of collapsing economically. We have never been so busy. Right now we all need immediate and urgent help in order to help and support each other.

Hashem willing, there will be no more virus waves, but if more come we will pass through them together.


Donations can be made in installments (not credit payments). Donations are tax deductible in accordance with Section 46.

For more information about this campaign and about Chasdei Naomi, visit our website:

Regular updates and pictures documenting our activity can be viewed on the  Chasdei Naomi Facebook page -

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About Us
Chasdei Naomi has been assisting thousands of needy families, orphans and widows 
and Holocaust survivors and lone soldiers for 36 years, with the help of 20,000 
volunteers from all over the country, operating in 40 distribution points.

The association has received many certificates and awards, including: The President's 
volunteer Award from the late President of Israel, Shimon Peres, the Jersalem 40th 
award, the Minister of Health's shield, as well as letters of support and greetings from 
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and  from the current president, Additional 
letters of support from the Chief Rabbis of Israel and other public figures.

More about the association's activities can be found on our website.