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The loneliest wedding ever โ€“ won't you lend a hand?
The loneliest wedding ever โ€“ won't you lend a hand?

The loneliest wedding ever โ€“ won't you lend a hand?

The groom has lost both of his parents. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ So has the bride.๐Ÿ˜ฅ They grew up in institutions, and now it's their dream to marry and build a loving home. โคBut they have nothing. Nothing at all. Without your help, they won't be able to marry, and their dream of making a fresh start in life, together, may never come true. ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

Chasdei Naomi

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We have no parents, neither mother nor father.

At our wedding there's no groom's side, and no bride's side. We're both orphans.

You could say we've shared a similar fate. We grew up alone in residential facilities. Whether in happy times or sad, neither of us had a mother to say a kind word, or a father to encourage us. Our entire lives we've had to fight and do everything alone.

And now that we've found each other at last – kindred spirits who understand each other – our dream is to marry and to try to build a normal home, together.

True, whatever we do, we'll never have parents of our own, and nothing can make up for the deprivation we suffered, growing up without father or mother.
But hey, we're not giving up – especially now that we've finally found each other.

And what keeps us going is the fact that we have a future, the hope and prayer that I'll become a mother and he'll become a father.

We're committed to being model parents.

And for this dream to come true, we need your help.

So there's a date for the wedding. But there's no money to pay for it. We're planning the lowest-cost wedding possible, but we can't cover even our minimal expenses.

Please help us with a donation, and please share this. Chasdei Naomi, which is helping and guiding us, will send a receipt for every donation.

Many thanks,

The Bride and Groom