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"Save my Yosef Chaim, I can't save him alone!"
"Save my Yosef Chaim, I can't save him alone!"

"Save my Yosef Chaim, I can't save him alone!"

Yosef Haim, 20, was diagnosed with a growing cancerous tumor, to save his life we need your help! Please, don't let us lose Joseph Haim to cancer!

חסד מעתה ועד עולם

$ 159,705 raised by 4,521 users
88% of $ 182,315 סוג הגיוס
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This is my boy. Yosef Haim. A child I raised alone from the age of 0, from the time he was born premature until now, being sick with grade 4 cancer.

This is the boy I fought all my life for. That he feels like a normal child, so he doesn't feel that he has no mother.

That he won't feel different.

This is the boy who is now disappearing in front of my eyes. After 20 years of battle.

Who believed that this would win us over, my son?

From the moment I first saw you in the Neonatal intensive care unit, I knew we would go through everything together.

Your mother, who was my wife and I tried to do everything for her to get better, she got into a serious state of mind and threatened to hurt you.

That’s when I realized that I would fight for you all the way.

No matter what.

So many battles we went through.

And we beat them all

And now ...

The hardest battle.


It wins many battles.

But this time, I will fight it to the end.

But I can't alone. One single soldier can't face level 4 cancer.

Strange marks on Yoseph Haim's chest that appeared to be the result of an unsuccessful blow

 turned out to be cancer at its highest level.

And my Yoseph Haim who barely started his life is already struggling to keep them

I have been working at my own business for many years supporting my family.

I've never asked anyone for help.

I've always been on the giving side and not the recipient.

It's very hard moving to the other side in one day, but there's probably no other choice.

My life is falling apart.

I can't meet current expenses and certainly not medical expenses. The treatments are very expensive.

I always gave him everything he needed and for the first time I just can't give it to him anymore!

I have nothing.

I'm in over my head in debt, watching my son disappearing in front of my eyes.

I can't believe I would lose my son over money!

Yosef Haim wants to live and I don’t know how to help him.

He is in the midst of difficult treatments and needs more and I don't have enough money to pay for them.

I beg of you!

This battle can't end here!

Help me put him back on his feet and give him the opportunity to continue (start) his life.

Help me win the war for Yoseph Haim!

Any donation can end this war with us on the winning side.


For any donation you will receive a receipt from the "Chesed Meata Vead Olam" organization. With any questions regarding the campaign and telephone donations, please call  072-3155000/10 or 052-7509995