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Urgent: Emergency fundraising to save a family after severe financial and emotional loss!
Urgent: Emergency fundraising to save a family after severe financial and emotional loss!

Urgent: Emergency fundraising to save a family after severe financial and emotional loss!

Chasdei Naomi define this case as one of the most severe and complex ones! A series of financial and health troubles and problems have ruined an entire family and now they are being thrown into the street with immense debts and health problems. Please help as much as you can!

ארגון חסדי נעמי

$ 22,638 raised by 455 users
92% of $ 24,503 סוג הגיוס


With your permission, we’ll begin in brief. If you have 2 minutes, please continue to read the full story, although we are sure that a brief summary is more than enough to realize the immensity of this urgent cry for immediate help.

They were a regular, ordinary family. Both the parents work. Children at school. A rented apartment. Always living on the edge but surviving.

But from the moment of the first drop in the husband’s business, the situation deteriorated rapidly. Debts increased and, with them, health problems added to this nightmare.

The situation today:
- Their landlord has told them that he is evicting them from their apartment at the end of the month if their debt is not paid immediately. (The monthly rent is NIS 4,800)
- The electricity and the gas have been cut off because of debts (they have been without electricity and gas for a few days already)
- Their debt in the grocery store for bread and milk has already reached thousands of shekels and the store owner is demanding payment!‎ 
- The father has begun mental health treatment, but there is no money to pay for it. (He is taking pills, but no more appointments have been made with the psychologist because he is unable to pay.)
- Two children also need emotional care and assistance and there is no money to pay for this either.
- The father’s business has already received 4 legal claims from suppliers.
- And above all, a debt of half a million shekels is hovering over them.

In an attempt to extract them from this financial hole, the family has entered a program of financial advice and guidance on proper economic conduct at home and in the business. This also costs money that they are unable to pay.

The situation is unbearable, but we are not giving up. Because today it’s them, and tomorrow it could be any one of us.

If everyone gives a donation, we will be able to rehabilitate the family and put them back on their feet.

Please help us in this task.

You can donate by credit card or PayPal. You can also donate in installments. A receipt will be sent by email for each donation. Donations are recognized for tax purposes according to Section 46.

For further questions or inquiries, contact Chasdei Naomi by email: [email protected]‎ 

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