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My Bar Mitzvah Gift: Having My Dad Healthy Again!  Won't You Help Make My Dream Come True?
My Bar Mitzvah Gift: Having My Dad Healthy Again!  Won't You Help Make My Dream Come True?

My Bar Mitzvah Gift: Having My Dad Healthy Again! Won't You Help Make My Dream Come True?

My dad has been suffering from an immunological disorder for the past 8 years, and is now experiencing multiple organ failure. I need your help to keep him alive! Please take a minute to read our story.

לב נעמי

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Dear Friends,

My name is Kobi and I will be celebrating my bar mitzvah in about a year. My dad suffers from several illnesses. The worst of them is an immunological disorder that gives him diarrhea 12 times a day! He has chronic anemia, liver problems, and is also experiencing respiratory problems. He has been through surgeries and is constantly undergoing difficult treatments.

My dad is in hospitals most of the time, for treatments. My mom is also with him there most of the time. When they come home, they're drained and exhausted and can't function.

I'm the oldest child, I have younger siblings and I watch over them like a father, and like a mother.

But what frightens me most is that, lately, my dad is also having memory problems. I'm really scared he'll forget me and maybe even my mom, and my younger siblings.


I want my dad to stay alive! My dad and mom don't work because they can't work. We're barely getting by. And I know they're already hundreds of thousands of shekels in debt.

I'm begging for your help. Don't leave me alone. I'm just a kid!

My father's medical documents are considered confidential and so they aren't displayed here on the website. They've been shown to representatives of a fundraising website and to the director of the Lev Naomi organization, which is helping us.

At the bottom of this page you'll find a letter from one of the doctors who cares for my father.

This fundraising campaign was made possible by Lev Naomi, an organization that operates on a strictly voluntary basis and that knows my family well. Receipts will be sent by e-mail for all donations.

If you have more questions, you can call 03-6771111, or send an e-mail to: [email protected].


Thank you very much, and may you have only good health and never need to seek help from others!


The following is a translation of the doctor's letter:

To: Lev Naomi

Reason for referral:

The aforementioned patient has been known to me for several years.

He suffers from a rare immunological disorder, with ramifications and complications affecting all of his body systems.

I am part of a large team of physicians from a variety of specialties who are caring for him and monitoring him.

I would like to note that his medical status is complex and dangerous; his physical limitations do not allow him to work.

Those who can help in this instance will be doing a great mitzvah.

Dr. Atzmon Meital