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global rescue command center
global rescue command center

global rescue command center

a friend in need is a friend indid !we save life !

David Azriel

$ 1,303 raised by 24 users
4% of $ 29,121 סוג הגיוס
Project Finished


Dear Friends,
Almost every day about 40 earthquakes of different levels take place. Also storms, wars and acts of
Correspondingly almost every day people travel around the world. Often these travellers include our
loved ones, family and friends.
1999- Earthquake in Turkey
2001- Earthquake in India
2003 - Earthquake in Iran
2004 - Tsunami in the Indian Ocean
2005- Earthquake in Kashmir
2005 – Hurricane Katerina in New Orleans
2008 - Earthquake in Sichuan China
2008 - Cyclone in Miramar
2010 - Earthquake in Tibet
2010 - Earthquake in Haiti
2011 - Tsunami in Japan
2014 - Tsunami in Thailand
2015 - Earthquake in Nepal
Thousands of casualties wounded and injured. And thousands left homeless.
Everybody wants to help. The whole world rallies but until help arrives, more than seven days can
pass, days which are crucial in saving lives. Days in which communication and information are priceless.
In the last earthquake which took place in Nepal we generated a voluntary operation room out of
nowhere when Dror Shabthai was on the tactical headquarters in Nepal, myself as assistant chief of
staff for operations in Cyprus, Nahomi Hey served as an intelligence officer in Beer-Sheva. And Dana
Turgeman from Rishon-Le-Zion served as an Operation secretary.
The thing that disturbed me most was the lack of cooperation between the official sources and the
families affected, and it turned out that we were the ones who gave answers, solutions and help to
many people.
I also helped Belgians, Americans, Spanish and Australians because apparently lack of information
and lack of cooperation is something international.
After much thought and consultation with members whose opinion is Important to me,
I decided to establish an international organization for communication, help and cooperation during a
The registration and seat of the organization will be in Cyprus which is located in a strategic spot that
is also a European country.


is the chosen name for the organization
The purpose of the organisation:
The organisation will rely on the experienced and wonderful rescue and recovery units of Israel. Zaka
organization and of course the Home Front Command (assuming we receive recognition).
The organisation will use the global deployment of Chabad for contact and rental of communication
devices while before our eyes lie the wonderful activities of Chabad Katmandu.
Such an organisation would be of paramount importance during disasters, will help save lives and bring
kudos to the State of Israel and truly become "a light unto the nations".
And let's be realistic, even we, our children and our friends travel around the world. We never know
when we will be in need of help and do not forget that Israel is still waiting "for the big noise".
Friends, the establishment of such an organization is not a simple thing at all and I need your help.
This large-scale enterprise will employ about 15 salaried people and dozens of volunteers in Israel and
around the world. An organization with an annual budget of hundreds of thousands of euros.
I think that the funding of such an organization should come primarily from states and only after that
from individual's donations.
I estimate we need 150,000 Euros as an initial budget in order to register equipment and computers,
paper and, of course, a serious secure website where it will be possible to register and donate in at
least five languages: Hebrew English Russian French and Spanish. .
The organisation here in Cyprus will need to rent an office and those expenses will need to be covered.
Friends, I turn to you for help to build the organisation.
Advice would be welcome, ideas, contact information of people in the media, site builders, etc. Information
from an expert operator, skimmer expert, a generator expert.
But the most important thing is financial contribution!!! At first, any amount is welcome!!!
The first 1000 EUR is my contribution!
I would like it noted that the Chief Rabbi of Cyprus, Rabbi Arie Zeev Raskin gives his support
andblessing to this idea.
Sincerely yours,
David Azriel

Establishing a sophisticated communication centre linking rescue agencies around the world and
responding to the families..
Setting up a response team that will arrive at the site within 24 hours.
Establishing a website so any traveler can be updated on hazards and weather around the world
and also be able to register on the site and provide details if needed in an emergency.
Rental of satellite phones before going out on treks.
Seminars for the search and rescue units around the world.

David azriel (65) married +3 retired business man American &
Israeli citizen Graduate from the i.d.f technologic college Participation
medal for the war of attrition (1969),yom kippor war
(1973),second Lebanon war (2006).
Citation for participation in gaza war (2008) israel best worker
(1975) in the ministry of communication. Volunteer in rishon lezion
police (1977-1980) Volunteer in i.a.f uav squadron (2006-2013)
Chif of operation in Nepal rescue operation
General Manager/ CEO - Chief Executive Officer
Vice President of Finance - Accounting, public relations,
events and donations
VP - operations response team, vehicles, volunteers and
Contact VP - communications equipment , operation
Vice president of procurement - logistics warehouse ,
purchasing and warehouse donations.
David Azriel chairman ofThe role of the response team in the event of a mass casualty is to get to the scene and set up a
command post that will help everyone who comes for rescue purposes.
All the officials will be trained by the search and rescue units. Their role is to set up a command post
at the scene within 24 hours and send information in real time to the headquarters so that we can
help all those whom wish to reach the disaster area -
rescue missions, army etc.
The team will be equipped with two tents, one tent for sleeping and storage. and the other for
The team shall bring a generator, communications equipment, satellite phones, basic medical equipment,
medicines, food and two hoverfly, one for the purpose of photography and one for the transfer
of equipment.
Team Commander
A Doctor or a Paramedic
Communication Technician
Skimmer Operator
Logistics Manager
Phase 1
30 daysRegister our organization (we start already)
Building our website (
Renting space and purchase computer switchboard generator and furniture
60 days Purchase iridium phones personal tracking and monitoring.
Request recognition from the European union.
Phase 2
Purchase equipment for the response team.
Contacts with Chabad and rescue teams worldwide.