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Operation - Saving Mom
Operation - Saving Mom

Operation - Saving Mom

Hello everybody, with tears filling our eyes and choking our throats, we are writing these words. take a minute, and let your heart listen.Our dearest mother, Eva sabbah, was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer. Just like that, out of the blue. one minute our mom is a model of health, strength and energy, and a minute later your life changes. Our mom had been through 15 months of hellish, intense and exhausting chemotherapy, but against all odds she stood back on her feet every. single. time! even after a 50 day hospitalization right at the start which .sucked so much energy . with great sorrow, the cancer had spread, and it's getting worse. therefore, after finishing the first line of treatment we have no choice but to turn to the second line of treatment which includes a biological medication called Cyramza which is not funded by the health care. . and costs 15,000 nis (4236 $) per treatmet. twice a month for a period of 6-8 months. that is a total of 180,000-240,000 nis !! (between 51,000$ to 68,000$). please, we are sure and certain we can find a way to help our mom and keep fighting this war with all our strength, but we need your help!

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Some facts about our mother, our hero (just so you'd understand how much of a fighter she is):

our mom is a fighter in her soul. when she was just 1 year old she was buried under the ruins of her home in Agadir, Morocco, after the great earthquake which occurred in 1960. for 3 days mom didn't stop crying until the rescue forces came for her and her father. her mother didn't survive. 

Mom came to Israel with her father in 1973, and at the age of 14... she lost him too, to an illness which developed because of a difficult injury from the earthquake. 

Our mom worked so hard her entire life in order to promise us, her children, a better future. she taught us to love, compassion and how to see the joy in everything.

Our champion mother - always smiling such an honest smile, you just have to smile back. 

Our champion mother- will always listen to you, with greatest interest and love in each and every conversation

Our champion mother - a VIP client in the Davidoff treatment center, kicking cancers ass for over a year, even sometimes it kicks back. 

Our champion mother - tries to enjoy a pizza every once in a while, keeping it real, enjoying life as much as she can

Our champion mother - doesn't give up on going to her vintage clothing store- with or without attached chemotherapy infusion - and greet the face of every customer with a smile, love and lots and lots of style !

Our champion mother - punches her card in the E.R every few months and despite that she keeps her spirits high and her soul uplifted and was crowned by the medical crew as "the ultimate patient" - because she never complains or demands anything. that is her, see.... a champion!


Our champion mother wants with every inch of her body to keep on - to keep on bringing good to the world, to keep loving us the way only a mother knows, to keep hugging us and her grandchildren, to keep helping people in need, to keep being there for us. as simple as it sounds.... to keep on living.

so we have reached an obstacle, but you can help us get through it! never quit! never give up! never stop! never say enough! never surrender!


the cost of this medication is 15,000 nis, twice a month for at least 8 months. this medication sadly isn't funded by our healthcare. 

The treatment is necessary, urgent and crucial to our mother! we are in a race against time and we need to start treatments in the middle of this September! 

please, help our mother beat cancer! strengthen our mother and your Eva! 

with a lot of love, 

Eva Sabbah and her family


attention: this campaign is private and there will not be a receipt for the donation. 

for any details please contact [email protected]om, 

or phone 054-2095549