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The holidays are here and we all chip in!
The holidays are here and we all chip in!

The holidays are here and we all chip in!

Every year, hundreds of underprivileged families and Holocaust survivors leaving in Ofakim, receive food packets before the holidays. This year we simply don't have enough money to help everyone! please help us raise the money so everybody could enjoy the festive holiday dinner

בית התבשיל אופקים

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Help us provide food packets for the holidays!!!

The soup house in Ofakim - "Beit Hatavshil", feeds about 300 families including children and Holocaust survivors every day. It provides worm meals, dry ingredients, bread, dairy products fruits and vegetables. 

Throughout the year "Beit Hatavshil" conducts activities for children on Purim and Chanukah, music and dancing evenings for all the different communities in Ofakim.
This is a place for the entire community of Ofakim to come together and be welcomed at any time. 
The soup house is a non-profit organization, managed by a Chabad rabbi and operated by a team of volunteers.
Every year for the Tishrei and Passover holidays, we organize a distribution of food packets including:
* 1100 packets of dry ingredients (Cans, legumes, oil, rice, wine, cakes and more)

* Fruits and vegetables for every family 

* Thousands of dairy products
Whole chicken (unfortunately in years we can afford to)

This year we can't afford even half of what we usually provide before the New Year's! and the list of those how need us is only getting longer with time.
It is heart braking to say NO to those how come asking for the must basic thing - food security, to be able to feed their families during the holidays.
Even a 10 dollars donation can help a hole family to celebrate the holidays with a full table!

It's also very helpful if you could share this project - 
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