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Giving Lavi Life – The next decade
Giving Lavi Life – The next decade

Giving Lavi Life – The next decade

We invite you to participate in Lavi’s triumphant journey and help us fund his upcoming travel to the US for treatment

Gili Ben Moshe

$ 19,457 raised by 338 users
58% of $ 33,753 סוג הגיוס


This is an invitation to a triumphant journey!

Our third child Lavi was born with a rare genetic disease called Canavan. His life expectancy was 2-3 years with the quality of life of a vegetable.

Last week we celebrated Lavi’s 10th birthday. Against all odds and expectations Lavi is living life and giving hope and love to so many people. All this was made possible due to Lavi’s participation in an experimental treatment protocol that requires us to go to the US once a year, with the love and support of many people who helped us fund the last decade.

Lavi is a trail blazer both in regards to his difficult illness, as well as in the world of disabilities. He’s in fourth grade, he is an active participant in the youth group “Krembo’s Wings”, he’s communicative, beautiful, and inspiringly optimistic towards all those who meet him, and above all else provides hope and    inspiration regarding perspective in life.

His ability to continue to live his life is dependent on his continued participation in the experimental treatment program.

Without the medicinal regiment that is approved only by his doctors in the US, his condition will worsen in line with the original predictions he was given as an infant.

We are now at the start of a new decade, and on 26.7.18 we need to fly with Lavi for his annual treatment trip. We need the public’s help to raise the money at least for this upcoming trip.

The non-profit “Line for Life” (Kav LaHaim) has been supporting Lavi’s journey since the beginning, and provides us with the irreplaceable support to manage this complex fight. All donations will be directly deposited into Lavi’s account with the non-profit, and contributors will receive Israeli tax exempt receipts according to clause 46.

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