Operation - Saving Mom

Hello everybody, with tears filling our eyes and choking our throats, we are writing these words. take a minute, and let your heart listen.Our dearest mother, Eva sabbah, was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer. Just like that, out of the blue. one minute our mom is a model of health, strength and energy, and a minute later your life changes. Our mom had been through 15 months of hellish, intense and exhausting chemotherapy, but against all odds she stood back on her feet every. single. time! even after a 50 day hospitalization right at the start which .sucked so much energy . with great sorrow, the cancer had spread, and it's getting worse. therefore, after finishing the first line of treatment we have no choice but to turn to the second line of treatment which includes a biological medication called Cyramza which is not funded by the health care. . and costs 15,000 nis (4236 $) per treatmet. twice a month for a period of 6-8 months. that is a total of 180,000-240,000 nis !! (between 51,000$ to 68,000$). please, we are sure and certain we can find a way to help our mom and keep fighting this war with all our strength, but we need your help!

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